The Old Map

In 2012 I received a present from a group of colleagues who knew about my passion for maps.

It was a world map from 1710.

Over the years I have developed an increasing curiosity for this map and the events happening in the world at this period of time.

Now that I don’t work full time anymore, I have started to deepen into the world of old maps, and I have created this website to collect and share old map stories.

Starting a Map Collection

First I did when I decided to start a map collection was to go to South Bank on a Saturday morning in hopes of buying few maps. There is a street exhibition under a bridge containing second hand books and old maps.

I then decided to identify the various map dealers that exist in London, with my investigation ranging from small shops all the way to The Map House (which is the oldest map gallery in London). Since doing so, I have gotten to know specialists within the field whilst also expanding my knowledge about maps, which I have found to be a great experience.

I later discovered that there are fairs. I went to Paris for the Paris Fair, where I met some of the most important dealers from Europe and the US. I also had the opportunity to meet collectors and was able to find out more about their passions on a one-on-one basis.

My main takeaway from this experience was that I have to make a choice about the region and period of history that I would like to specialise in. I love the Mediterranean and South America, but have yet to finalise my decision.